Hee Hee Hatty

type: 2D animation, country of origin: Poland, 1 series, 15 episodes, 4 minutes each

Hee-hee Hatty is a series of animations for children at pre-school age.
It tells about adventures of a little boy named Hitty, and its amazing paper hat - Hatty. The series includes audio and visual riddles, which are introduced by titles of particular episodes. Their idea is to create a sense of mystery. The titles are riddles themselves and inspire the audience to creative thinking, they aim at capturing the attention of little viewers and emphasize the films' character.

In each episode, Hitty deals with a mystery hidden in his hat. It may resemble a conjuror's hat, full of all kinds of surprises, but constitutes an independent entity of its own and has amazing power to imitate behavior of people, animals and objects. Their common plays will give the series a mixture of emotions, thus feelling it with expression and fast-paced story. Key to solving riddles hidden in the hat are the sounds which come out of it. Its behavior, as well as the traces it leaves also give hints to solving the mystery.

15 episodes

idea/script/art director
Tomasz Głodek
Bogna Sroka-Mucha
Tomasz Głodek
Marcin Wojciechowski /czołówka /
Mateusz Frankiewicz
Wojciech Frycz
production manager
Marta Gebhardt
produced by
Fundacja Anima Art
co financed by
Polski Instytut
Szkoły Filmowej